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Rooster Teeth is a large entertainment company with over 9.6 million subscribers on YouTube and millions more on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. They have made a name for themselves in the gaming community and have redefined geek-culture as we know it. What started off as a small YouTube channel has turned into a legendary platform with original streaming content and its own 3-day convention to showcase industry-changing content and entertainment.

My main project at Rooster Teeth was leading a 24-week Snapchat campaign for a new series and garnering an audience that would have otherwise not been exposed to Rooster Teeth's original content. In addition to Snapchat, I created daily original content (vertical video, gifs, graphics, stop motion) for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote live streams, events, and new content.

My time at Rooster Teeth was incredible, being part of a social media marketing team for such an established and large platform was an amazing learning experience and was my first time communicating with such a massive audience. Feedback was immediate and bountiful- the fans knew what they wanted and I had to find out how to deliver.

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