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Aveda Logo

Aveda is an established and notorious luxury hair care brand that has established a cult following and continues to break barriers to holistic beauty and care. As a client, they have a unique vision that sets them apart from competitors and their product is one of those that speaks for itself. For their paid and organic social posts, there was an emphasis on making luxury hair care part of your self-care routine and make it accessible to people outside of the salon. 

The greatest challenge with this project was making a higher-end hair care line seem not just sensible, but a necessary part of people's self-care routine at home. Breaking the association between "luxury hair care" and "salons" was the crux of this campaign, and getting the collection into the showers of consumers was the ultimate goal.

We maintained Aveda's clean and crisp design aesthetic across all channels, and focused on natural beauty, ingredients, and practices.



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